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Sunday, 27 December 2015

A New Year Almost Here

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had the family here on Christmas Eve and a good time. I've had a stuffed up nose but no other cold symptoms and on Christmas day I slept the day away.

This morning we've had snow and rain coming down leaving the roads looking like a slurpie was dropped all over. They had a weather warning out last night in our area for freezing rain but that did not happen which I'm quite glad about.  

I guess 2015 is trying to go out with a winter blast. 
I hope you and your family all have a wonderful year in 2016.

I found this Peak Frean cookie tin at my favorite second hand store awhile back I thought the graphics were quite nice.

The air plant in the picture above was a Christmas present for my friend who has a record of killing indoors plants this may be the perfect indoor plant for her. I found the mister at a second hand store which she can keep with the plant on her kitchen windowsill.

This necklace is a piece of costume jewelry made by Sherman that my husband gave me for Christmas this year.

 Husband Story

For the five years my husband and I have been together, for three different years I have taken him to The Bay and pointed out Issey Miyake L'EAU D'ISSEY perfume, my favorite.  So at the end of November this year I once again took him to The Bay but this time I bought the body lotion and he says to me that I shouldn't be buying things like that before Christmas.  

I then mention to him that in past years he hasn't taken the hint.

A week before Christmas I saw a Bay bag on a stool in our family room and went to put it in the recycling but it had the perfume I wanted in it. I guarded it for 2 days since it was on a stool the cats like to be on, then on Monday I mention to him I was glad he got it for me but the stool was not a good place to keep it since I didn't want it to get knocked off and broken. 

He then accused me of snooping and threatened to take it back. I then said to him do you want money to buy a gift on ebay or a gift card for Fred's Tackle, he picked money and I said now we're even you know one of your gifts.  Maybe now he might think about his habit of leaving everything laying around (Lol). I got my perfume.

I also got this book on Marbles from him too and a few weeks back he brought home the glass rolling pin with allies in it for me.  I'm always asking him information on marbles which he doesn't know anything about so I guess he thought the book would be a good Christmas gift which it is.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas Is Coming 2015

I'm trying to come to terms with Christmas coming so soon I love Christmas but each year it feels like it's coming faster and faster.  I need to get busy my Christmas cards need to go out December 01st I'm still making them.  We did get our outdoor lights up a couple of weekends ago so I happy am about that.  I know the rest will get done as the days go by.

I found this postcard in my husbands parents stuff it's 155 - Manoir St-Castin, Lac Beaport, Quebec.  I like old postcards like this especial winter scenes.

This is a Christmas window display I did this year it has a mid century modern feel to it.

The first picture is a snow globe a friend gave me a few years ago it always make me think of the song "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".  The next picture top left I found a couple of weeks ago it was perfect for my husband it being a fishing Santa.  The 3 Santa's next to him are plastic and on skies I'm not sure if they are vintage or not.  The stocking I got from my grandparents stuff and since I had a Santa theme going I threw in the Wooden Christmas tea boxes with a moon shape Santa face.

This Christmas paperweight is signed Festive Bouquet  Caithness Scotland  10/250.
It's from the large group I received this summer.
This Fire King mug was a chance find as we had a few minutes to stop at a second hand store we hadn't been to in a long time.

My husband found this Porcelain vase by Wade made in Ireland this morning at the flea market and gave it to me.

I found this English Yeoman the picture behind him is from a Elkes Biscuit Limited tin made in Great Britain.
I think the definition for Yeoman in this case would be a servant in a royal or noble household, ranking between a sergeant and a groom or a squire and a page.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Feel Of Winter Coming On

Today my husband and I got outside since it was not raining and got the outdoor Christmas lights up which made me lean towards a winter theme as well as a little fall too.

This knitting magazine was my grandmother's I like the picture on the cover, sadly I don't knit.

I took out these pieces of Pyrex since I'm going to use them  in a winter theme window display soon. The pattern on the left is Snowflake Blue (1972 - 1975).  The Pyrex Dishes on the right starting with the top dish is Turquoise Snowflake on White (1956 - 1963) and the bottom one is White Snowflake on Turquoise 1956 - 1967). 

I picked up this copy of Jane Eyre about a month ago, some of the pictures from the book are shown.

The baby quilt above has an Atomic Age look, I made it for my cousin's new son recently.

These pictures have a fall theme .

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Remember 2015

You may be wondering why I'm doing a Remembrance day themed post - the reason is since I only post every 2nd week November 11th Remembrance Day here in Canada would come before my next post and I didn't want to miss this post going up. 
I want to share a story about what made me so aware of the wars as neither of my grandfathers were able to serve.  It was the mid 1970's, I would have been 7 or 8 and my dad went into the hospital to have knee surgery.  My mom would take us in the evenings to visit him.  We would enter the hospital and there were some gentlemen always there that we would stop to visit with before heading up to see my dad.
It would be quite a few years later before it hit me who these gentlemen were and I checked with my mother to see if I was right.  She confirmed for me that the gentlemen in the wheelchairs with missing limbs we used to visit with were war veteran's and sadly they didn't get that many visitors and because of their wounds they lived at the hospital.
Sadly I can no longer see their faces in my memories but every so often and on Remembrance Day that memory does return.   
It's hard to believe what so many have given for others to live in freedom and peace.
Veteran's Affairs put this poster out this year for the anniversary of the poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae so I thought I would share.

The middle picture above is the cover of the Star weekly Magazine from Toronto October 28th, 1944 that my husband found for me at a flea market.  The other pictures are the WRENS which stood for the Women Royal Naval Service.

The pictures above are of World War 2 and also from the same Star Weekly magazine.

King George the Fifth was King of England during World War I, the picture is from The Sphere Magazine cover from January 25, 1936, the next picture at the top is Wanda the Welder, then Ration books from World War 2, The Life Magazine cover has Winston Churchill on the cover from May 21st, 1945, and a knitting pattern book for service woollies. 

I found his pin at the flea market a few years back and usually wear it on one of my hats.

A couple of weeks back my husband found me this 50th Anniversary Mug of VE Day.

I found this figurine of Rosie The Riveter a couple of years ago at a second hand store.

Yet again these pictures come from the family albums but I do not know who the people in them are.

I found this Barbie doll in a Mountie's uniform a couple of weeks ago at my favorite second hand store.

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Finds / His Finds For Me

I've had few chances to hit the second hand stores these past couple of weeks and have found a few things.  So it's nice to finally have the chance to check out my favorite stores.  The Christmas stuff is making it's way onto the shelves which always makes the search that much more fun.

A couple of weeks ago was my first anniversary and I told my husband no gifts the reason for this decision was because he's hard to buy gifts for.  But he bought me the lovely white roses I posted a picture of in my last post.  We went to a antique show on the day of our anniversary it was a last minute decision.  I saw this lovely small Royal Doulton Flambe Veined Vase 1605 Made In England which I really wanted.  I had a small problem I was out of money my friend's husband happened to be talking to me at the time so I had him find my husband and point it out to him.  We now have a new lovely vase added to our collection in the living room.  Okay yes I ended up with a gift and a lovely one too.

The picture of the tree does not look as lovely as the tree does which I see when I look out the window at work.  The orange frosted glasses were a nice find the holder I already had.  The two pictures with the pumpkins and harvest scenes I took down the road at Lepp Farm Market where we buy our vegetables.  The orange metal candle holder I found this past week.  The dishes are part of my good dish sets which are made by Grindley in England.

This was my first attempt at doing a Steampunk window display it turned out okay for a first attempt I think people  really liked it.  I plan to add to it in the next couple of years. 

His Finds For Me

The Westclox alarm clock which is the first in my collection on a stand, the Pyrex dish in the Designs pattern and small cane paperweight were the husbands finds this past week which he got for me.
Yes I am a lucky girl.

This paperweight is unsigned it reminds me of seaweed.

This looks like a summer picture I recently found this vintage tablecloth and wanted to share it.

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