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Monday, 27 January 2014

January's Mish Mash Of Finds

Today is a mish mash of finds.  I have no theme just things that have been waiting to make it into a post or new items.

My fiancé found this piece of art glass two weeks ago at our local flea market it's a piece of Chalet glass.

I was fooling around with my new camera and decided to shoot a picture from the top looking down on this piece of glass.  I like how this picture turned out I might have to try it with my other pieces.

These are three additions to my honeypot collection. 

The top left honeypot has a glass base and the top is made of metal and the spoon came with it.
The top right honeypot is ceramic and did not come with a spoon.
The two bottom pictures are the same item.  This honeypot has a metal base with a glass inset and came with a honey wand ( I Know it's probably not called a honey wand but that's what I'm calling it).

This red Corvette is a 1957 model which yet again the nephew already has so no trade yet for my dad's Coca Cola model truck that he has and I've been trying to trade him another model car for.

I saw this I'm thinking it looks like a condiments holder but the glass holders look quite large.  The handle is what caught my eye my cousins fiancé collects things that have handles on them like this one  so I picked it up for her.

I'm a lava lamp fan I'm always on the look out for another one these are the four I have so far.  I can remember in the 70's my aunt had one I always wanted one so now I have four.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

A Little Tartan And Finds

January 25th is Robbie Burns day so I thought I would go with a Scottish theme in this post.  I've always liked tartan fabrics I don't know if it has anything to do with my mom dressing me in kilts all the time when I was a child.  You would have thought the family was originally from Scotland then England if you had seen my closet as a child.

Robbie Burns is regarded as one of Scotland's most well known poets .  He was born on January 25, 1759 and died July 21, 1796.

All the above pieces of jewelry are Scottish pieces all have a thistle as part of the design.

The above pictures are the shelves in my Hoosier that I decorated for Robbie Burns day.

This magazine is from June 17, 1960 it's The Sunday Sun Weekend Magazine.

This picture is of different tartan fabrics and a book on tartans.

Some vintage canning jars with some old buttons my fiancé found last year at a garage sale.

I managed to scoop this divided Pyrex dish with the Constellation pattern minus the lid when it came out in the bin at the second hand store.

At work there's a few of us who like or collect vintage items. I borrowed this vintage wedding dress to show you all from one of my fellow collectors.  This dress is very fragile with layers of lace.

Wedding Update:

On Saturday I started my active search for a dress this could take awhile.
I told my fiancé to come up with an idea for the wedding he said serve food, he's so helpful.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Past Finds In A New Year

It's hard to believe we're almost through the first half of January.  I have not made it to many second hand stores in this new year.  The finds I'm posting are finds I found in the past year.

I found this paperweight at a Antique Mall and I've added to my growing collection.  I call it floating flowers because the flowers actually float above the specks of color you can see.  This was the best picture I could get.

I'm calling this my tree with tea strainers it's actually different tea strainers on a avocado color mug tree.

I lied I actually did find this teapot with a built in tea strainer this month.  The teapot has a very mid modern look to it.

This enamel brooch has joined my collection.  If I find enough enamel brooches I'm thinking of making a bouquet with them as part of my wedding decorating.

My cousin held the family Christmas dinner this year so I took some fast shots of his mid modern look, the above pictures are a fast glance of his place.

The above pictures are some of his home décor that I've posted before.

This is his gas pump decorated for Christmas.

 Thank you for taking the time to drop by.
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