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Sunday, 18 October 2015

My Finds / His Finds For Me

I've had few chances to hit the second hand stores these past couple of weeks and have found a few things.  So it's nice to finally have the chance to check out my favorite stores.  The Christmas stuff is making it's way onto the shelves which always makes the search that much more fun.

A couple of weeks ago was my first anniversary and I told my husband no gifts the reason for this decision was because he's hard to buy gifts for.  But he bought me the lovely white roses I posted a picture of in my last post.  We went to a antique show on the day of our anniversary it was a last minute decision.  I saw this lovely small Royal Doulton Flambe Veined Vase 1605 Made In England which I really wanted.  I had a small problem I was out of money my friend's husband happened to be talking to me at the time so I had him find my husband and point it out to him.  We now have a new lovely vase added to our collection in the living room.  Okay yes I ended up with a gift and a lovely one too.

The picture of the tree does not look as lovely as the tree does which I see when I look out the window at work.  The orange frosted glasses were a nice find the holder I already had.  The two pictures with the pumpkins and harvest scenes I took down the road at Lepp Farm Market where we buy our vegetables.  The orange metal candle holder I found this past week.  The dishes are part of my good dish sets which are made by Grindley in England.

This was my first attempt at doing a Steampunk window display it turned out okay for a first attempt I think people  really liked it.  I plan to add to it in the next couple of years. 

His Finds For Me

The Westclox alarm clock which is the first in my collection on a stand, the Pyrex dish in the Designs pattern and small cane paperweight were the husbands finds this past week which he got for me.
Yes I am a lucky girl.

This paperweight is unsigned it reminds me of seaweed.

This looks like a summer picture I recently found this vintage tablecloth and wanted to share it.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Fall 2015 Is Here

It's so nice to finally have Fall here cooler weather has arrived with it.  It's nice seeing the trees change. I know people who don't care for fall as they see it as nature dying around them but I see it as a beautiful color display.

This picture was taken through my kitchen window on a beautiful October day here in British Columbia.

These beautiful white roses are from my wonderful husband for our first anniversary.  He spent quite a lot of time on the phone trying to find a florist who had white roses my favorite.   He was giving up hope but had left his phone number with the florists and one did phone back and said she could get them in time for our anniversary and the above picture is the result.  I love them. They move around with me to different rooms so my husband's stupid cat doesn't eat them.

More paperweights from my collection.

A feel of fall.

The above pictures are from past posts and have fall colors so I thought I would share them again. 

Next Monday we celebrate Thanksgiving here in Canada and since I won't be posting again till the week after I want to wish all Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving.

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