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Monday, 28 May 2012

A Different Way Of Decorating

The following pictures I took at my cousins he has a rather unique way of decorating his place.

This British American Oil Company gas pump, cooler and cans are part of his front room decor.  Who needs a garage?

A new way of framing your pictures.  He's taken his Coca - Cola ads and put them on clipboards then hung them on his wall.  I wish I had thought of this idea.  How easy can it get.

How many places have a functioning traffic light in their entrance hall.  The green light has been switched to the German ampleman which is from Berlin. 

If you would like to see more of his stuff he's at:

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Look At Orange

The following is a look at different items that are all in orange.

This necklace was a flea market find and is a signed piece of Coro.  A brief  history on Coro this costume jewelry company was started in New York in 1901 by Emanuel Cohn and Gerald Rosenberg.  The company closed in 1979.  Over the time they operated they would use many marks.

This orange tray with it's flower design and bold colors was a garage sale find on a road trip last year.  It reminded me of the 70's and something my grandmother would have had at the cabin.

This orange Pyrex bowl was a second hand store find it's a two tone bowl with the bottom a lighter orange than the top.

The soup bowl by Fire King dates back to around the 1960's and is Peach Luster Ware.  This ribbed soup bowl was a gift from a friend.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Carnival Glass Or Is It?

To everyone today celebrating Victoria Day I hope you have a great holiday.  I hope you enjoy my look at Carnival glass today.

This piece of Carnival glass has been in my family since I can remember.  I've been told it's a decanter and should have a stopper.  All pieces like this I've ever seen have been stopper less have I been mislead.

These necklaces look like Carnival glass some people I talk to think they are and others don't.  All I know is I like them and I'm on the hunt for a bracelet like them.

This deviled egg plate looks like it could be Carnival glass but I haven't been able to confirm it.

This large bowl which has legs looks like it to may be Carnival glass and yet again I can't confirm it.

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Outside Look

Lately I'm spending long periods of time in the yard mostly watering in the mornings before it gets too hot.  It's a good thing I work a bit later in the day I do mornings and if needed my boyfriend does evenings.
I do believe that is why I went with the outside for this blog.

A friend of mine has a big stump in her yard so she started putting birdhouses on it.  This picture is the result.

This picture of a Whiskey Jack was taken on a hike in the Alpine area of Manning Park in British Columbia, Canada.

This picture of Snapdragons is from my gardens at a previous home.

My one and only plant in the inside of the house is this Basil plant which is in one of my grandmothers Pyrex dish.  This dish is in rough shape but I still keep it.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Fire King And Flea Market Finds

This past week and weekend has been nuts for me between getting my garden in,  my boyfriends birthday and Mothers Day, not to mention work. Spare time is something that's gone by the wayside.  This blog is of past flea market finds. 

Hope all you mothers had a great Mothers Day.

Fire King creamer in blue.

Fire King sugar bowl in white.

Jadite green bowl.

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Look At Costume Jewelry

The following costume jewelry are signed and unsigned pieces.  Some pieces are finds and some are family pieces.  I like the thrill of the find but I think the family pieces will always be my favourite.

These three brooches are all signed Sherman pieces.  The clear crystal brooch is the first Sherman piece I got and is a family piece.  My green brooch was a second hand store find and a gift from my boyfriend.  The violet crystal and pearl looking brooch was a garage sale find.  I hope to keep adding Sherman pieces to my collection.

This brooch was a second hand store find and is marked Austria.  I bought it because I thought it was pretty but the clasp is broken now I have to find another way to use it, if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

This brooch caught my eye right away it's unsigned and was found in a small parking lot flea market.

This bow brooch is also unsigned my grandfather bought it for my grandmother.

This bracelet is also unsigned and a family piece.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Mother's Day Related Things

I thought this week with mother's day coming up I would do things I thought might suit the occasion.

This Rayette hair care ad I found at a second hand store and it was the backing of another picture.  The picture of a Venice canal is now backing this ad.

I wanted a mirror for in my purse and when I saw this powder compact at the flea market I decided it was the right fit.  I remember my grandmother when she used one but unlike me she actually had powder in it.  It's made by Melissa which is a British company.

This flowered hat was my grandmothers I have a picture of her wearing it at my parnts wedding.  So when I found it at her house I knew it was something I would like to have.  I also have the orginal box it came in from Woodward's which is a long gone Canadian store. 

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Look At Metal Finds

This past weekend was a metal finding weekend.

This four cup mug holder took me right back to my grandparents cabin when I was a kid.  They had two like this one for holding mugs.  I think they even had one in orange.  I'm thinking of painting this one red with the white Fire King mugs on it.  What do you think paint it or leave it the original colour?

This metal flower frog is the first metal one I've found, all my other ones are in glass.  It was a flea market find.

On our rounds of garage sales I found this green egg basket.  It's a little different then my other two that I've had since moving out of my parents place many years ago. These baskets always seem to make the move with me. They're great for holding things in the basement.  I like hanging them from the rafters.


WoW ! Thanks for the feature Kelly@The Copper Roof

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