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Monday, 24 February 2014

Some Finds And Snow

This past weekend we woke up to snow Saturday morning I can't really complain since we've had some cold weather this year but not much snow.
On Saturday we spent the day with my niece and hit the local second hand stores.  I had a good day and found some good finds.

On Saturday I found this green glass vase at a local second hand store and added it to my collection.  I do not know if this is old or new and it doesn't have any markings.

I thought the two mugs are kind of cheery I couldn't find any markings on them so I do not know where they were made.

The rolling pin was almost a miss but luckily I opened the drawer it was in.
The biscuit tin is a product from Scotland Gray Dunn Biscuit manufacturers established 1853.

This small Pyrex bowl is in the Balloons pattern.  It's not in perfect condition but it's in alright condition.

When I saw this No. 90341 scale 1/24 1967 Shelby GT - 500 model car right away I thought of the 1968 movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen.  In the movie he drives a 1968 Ford Mustang GT.

We have a 2007 Ford Mustang that because of the snow is parked in the garage till the snow is gone.

This is what our yard looked like on Sunday.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Black And White And A Bit Of Blue For Sally

My last two weeks have been quite busy, my mom had knee replacement surgery two weeks ago tomorrow.  My sister and I were lucky my mom's cousin came out and is staying with her which makes it easier for us since we both have to work.  This means we can alternate doing my moms running around.
This post has a lot of black and white items this week with a bit of color.

We were at a local second hand store on Saturday and I came to a dead stop when I saw this old stove.  It's in the stores silent auction it doesn't work it's already priced too high for me then you add in the cost of trying to get it running.  Then you would have to build a kitchen around it way above my price range.  But I really wish I could bring it home with me.

The Hoosier is decked out in a dish set I remember my grandmother having in the 80's.  The pattern is Manitou by Grindley of Staffordshire England.

I've been finding these bar tools on different days at a local second hand store.  I'm guessing they're mid century modern and were made in Japan.

This martini glass fabric is the bit of blue my first thought was the rat pack.

I've posted this Zodiac sign chip and dip bowl set before but I think it fits in with this post so I'm posting it again.

I found this ad for Jasper Park Lodge in an old National Geographic Magazine.  I have not been to Jasper since I was a kid, I remember it was lovely.  One of these days we will point the car towards Alberta and hopefully make it to Jasper.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines Day 2014

It's the Beetles who said "All You Need Is Love" it could be a great song to sum up Valentines day.  Since this coming Friday is Valentines day I thought it was time to do a Valentines day post.

I found this heart shaped paperweight (California Poppy) awhile back it's a Robert Held piece.  I decided to save posting it for this post.  I had a chance to buy another heart shaped paperweight by Held last week.  When will I learn! I left it behind and then went back a few days later to get it but of course it was gone.

This collage is of hearts, you have to have lots of hearts in a Valentines day collage. 

The top left picture is a heart shaped postcard. 
The middle picture are heart ornaments from Ikea, when I saw them I didn't think Valentines day but black history month which is also in February.
The right side picture is a costume jewelry piece, a heart shaped brooch by Coro.
The bottom picture is three tin hearts side by side.

This picture is of two shelves in the Hoosier decorated for Valentine day.  The pink and white mugs are Fire King and the other dishes are Pyrex.

Lucille Ball is such an icon I have posted other items of her in the past.  The following are some new pieces I have found.  The purse with her and Desi Arnaz I believe is a scene from I Love Lucy.  The next two pictures are of ad's from Life Magazine the first one she did for Summerettes shoes and the other one Phillip Morris cigarettes.

I also found this Whitman's chocolates ad with another icon Elizabeth Taylor,
it was also from Life Magazine.

Mercy released this song written by Jack Sigler Jr. on April 1969.

Plans for the Wedding:
When: October 2014
Where: Heritage Schoolhouse for ceremony and reception.
Food: Hired caterers.
Flowers: Vases full of different color Dahlias on tables.

Something old is taken care of.
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Have a lovely week.

Monday, 3 February 2014

His Finds / My Finds

The fiancé and I have not made it to the second hand stores very much this past week.  I'm posting some of his finds and mine in the last few months.

His Fines

This paperweight he found but is my gain as it was one of my Christmas gifts.

He found this mid modern coffee set at the flea market.

The mailman has been dropping by this week with the fiancés ebay buys, these two enamelled fly fishing reels are from Ireland.  I think these would look good in shadow boxes but I don't think he would agree with me.

My Finds

This wooden candle holder I found at a local second hand store.

I have quite a few of these wooden trivets I can remember my mom having them in the 1970's.

This Helleborus  also known as a Christmas Rose I took this picture in a friend's garden.

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