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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Salt and Pepper Airplane - maybe 1930's

Come fly with me. Sad fact is I'm not flying anywhere, but I have this airplane salt & pepper set which is something that I had to have as soon as I saw it. I believe my airplane could be a Japanese chrome salt & pepper set from around the 1930's. The two spheres on each wing are the salt and pepper shakers and the body of the plane is a container for a condiment.

I wasn't able to find out any information online about the airplane s/p set but I did find a ship picture which I watermarked with address. The ship s/p set was identified as Occupied Japan.
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Monday, 27 February 2012

Vintage Dana Girls Mystery Stories

The Dana Girls Mystery Stories
By Carolyn Keene the author of the Nancy Drew books.
The Circle Of Footprints Book 6 Copyright 1937
The Portrait In The Sand Book 12 Copyright 1943
The Circle Of the Black Flower Book 18 Copyright 1956
These books made me think of my early years of reading.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Few Paperweights

This paperweight was found at the MCC which is a second hand store. The paperweight makes me think of Spring with the light swirling colors.
The pictures are from the side and top looking down.

I chose this paperweight for my blog picture.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

How I Started Collecting Pyrex

This Pyrex bowl set is what got me into collecting Pyrex after I inherited them and so the chase for Pyrex began. This is called the primary set. Pyrex Love has a description here.
I added this divided casserole and lid in September 2011. I saw one description that labeled this pattern as Blue Retro Aqua White Atomic Funky Mod Groovy but Pyrex Love identified it as Horizon Blue.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Old Photos, Fire King and Orange and White Glass Vases

A look into the past. This photo comes from the family pictures but the year it was taken is not known. The family believes the view to be Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a place I spent many happy days, waiting for ferries to go to our cabin on the Sunshine Coast (which sadly is now long gone).

I have always loved glass items but I haven't always loved the color orange though in the past year that has been changing since I moved into the house I now live. The orange, brown, and white vase came with it and I really liked it to my surprise. I think early 70's when I look at it.  Then I found the orange and white vase and knew right away I had to have it. Most people who know me found this surprising.  The vase on the left was found at the local flea market and caught my eye and it to came home with me.

These stacking Rainbow Fire King mugs were just added to my collection on Sunday. I didn't find them, my boyfriend who went off to the flea markets without me found them and bought them for me and they have added some more color to my collection.

I love secondhand stores and have recently been finding the white Fire King mugs and bowls.  These remind me of my Grandmother as she always had the white mugs and that takes my thoughts back to my childhood.

Hope you enjoyed visiting today. See you again soon.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Welcome to Second Time Around Finds

First post - Welcome

I am a collector of pyrex, fire king, paperweights and fabric. I quilt, craft, create window displays and style collectible displays in an antiques mall. I thrift, visit flea markets and garage sales and have been know to squeeze the last penny when saving. My collections are growing and so are my display areas in my home.

My blogging posts, as I start out, will be about my collections. I am sure that over time I will expand to include many more interests and adventures.
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