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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rare Pyrex Finds

The following Pyrex are rare finds for me and were found at the flea markets.

This lime green Pyrex cup and saucer was the first one like it I've been able to find.

This Delphite blue plate my wonderful boyfriend found when at the flea market by himself.

I lucked out and found this Delphite blue refrigerater dish.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Canada Day Is Coming

With Canada Day on July 01st quickly approaching I decided to do the following collages with a red and white theme or an item totally Canadian.

  • The red and white vase said 70's to me I like how the white kind of swirls into the red.  There was once a sticker on it but has been removed before I got it.  Who or where it was made is anyones guess.
  • I found the glass and metal flower frog holding my Canadian flag at a second hand store.
  • I'm going to guess the tin with the Mountie on the horse at one time held candies or small biscuits.
  • My paperweight was handcrafted in Ontario, Canada by Tarax Infinity Products Ltd.
  • I went into my material closet and pulled out some material that was only red and white.  The middle piece is a vintage piece from the box of material I received that had been my grandmothers.
  • My Poppy made it simply because it's red.
  • These are small red and white Pyrex refrigerator containers.  I'm not sure if these ever only came in white or if the pattern has been worn off long before I found it?
  • The Maple leaf bottle at one time held Maple syrup.
  • The local produce in season at the moment are these wonderful Strawberries.
  • This old CN Train Station is in Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada.  The old fort is just up the road and was the Hudson Bay Companys trading post at one time.  This is one of the historical sites to be found around British Columbia. 

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Old pictures And Flowers

Time is flying for me I haven't had much time to think about what I'm going to blog about today so I thought I'd share some old family pictures and my garden pictures.

These old pictures are from the family collection with yesterday being the first day of summer I picked some pictures that remind me of summer.  Tenting was the family vacation when I was growing up I would have loved a Teepee like in this picture instead of a plain old tent.  The yard with the flowers is a setting I would liked to spend my morning having my coffee maybe reading a book.  The bear is a fun picture and in fields around us we could see the bears at this time of the year.

This hanging basket is in my vegetable garden to add some color.

This Peony I'm calling my surprise Peony since when I bought it; it was supposed to be white but yes I have a pink Peony .  I had a full day to enjoy it then the downpour began.  Thank goodness for pictures since this is now how I'm enjoying my Peony.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

A Look At Garden Fairies

A friend of mine introduced me to the books of poems and art work by Cicely Mary Barker.  The following books are of her work and the poem is one of hers.

Spring Magic

The World is very old
But year by year
It groweth new again
When bud appear

The World is very old;
And sometimes sad;
But when the daisies come
The World is glad.

The World is very old;
But every Spring
It groweth young again,
And fairies sing.

                                                                              Cicely Mary Barker

This is an ad for Fairy soap that appeared in the "Ladies Home Journal for February 1919".

I do collect old Cigarette cases I use them for storing different things.  When I found this one I gave it to my friend to add to her collection.  I'm afraid the picture is not that great but I wanted to add it so I did.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pyrex And Model A

These turquoise Pyrex bowls were a surprise find at a garage sale.  I have not found much Pyrex to add to my collection at garage sales.  As soon as I saw them I made a beeline for them luckily nobody got in the way.

I picked up this yellow piece of Pyrex at a secondhand store I'm guessing it's a loaf pan though it doesn't have handles and came lidless.

With father's day coming up I thought I would share this picture of my dad's 1928 Ford Model A that he had restored.  When he got it, it was a rusted wreck I used to tell him we should put a skeleton in it and put it out on Halloween.  This did not happen.  We lost my dad a while back around father's day he would love the fact that people are seeing the car he always wanted and got.  After the car sold I would see it once in a while by this time I could smile and think of good memories of my dad and his car. 
To all you father's happy father's day may it be a great day for you all.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Out In The Yard

The following collage of pictures are from around the yard.
Top row left to right:
- This Hosta is called Whirlwind and is part of my Hosta garden.
- This figurine is a chimney sweep made by Cortendorf in Germany he's had a hard life he's broken his neck at some point and my grandmother glued him back together.  I thought he would take a little trip outside to have his picture done with the Marigolds.
- I would love to tell you the name of this Hosta but like the Donovan song title " Catch The Wind" the plant name tag did just that during the winter.  Nope I didn't do a map with plant names.

Middle Row:
- This shows you our vegetable garden area and are makeshift greenhouse for Tomatoes.
- I have these Nasturtiums in pots where the walkway to the house and driveway meet.
- This stained glass piece is near my vegetable garden.  I found it at a garage sale.

Bottom row:
- The windchimes are a flea market find and is in my strawberry patch.
- The Garlic I planted last fall.
- Wooden half barrel with pansies in it.

The following pictures are from the family collection.  These pictures are of my my great uncle Fred's place.  He had wonderful gardens and won awards for his flowers.  The black and white photo of him working in his garden I would guess was taken in the 1970's not that long before we lost him.
My garden art in these pictures (just a few of many items) - the wooden half barrel planter, chimes, stained glass window, repaired little boy from my Grandma are all either thrifted or gifted. I've been adding garden art for years, all thrifted, mostly metal, wood and glass. Hope you enjoyed a peek at my garden and the thrifted additions.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Murano Glass

Murano glass is not the name of a factory but the name of an island off the shore of Venice, Italy.  In the 10th century they became known for their glasswork and many old factories still operate today.  The following pictures show the few pieces we have.

This vase is one of two that we have that are almost the same.  The larger picture is of the front, the picture with the sticker the back.

This smaller pink vase is also marked Murano.

This is the only paperweight in my collection marked Murano.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

A Look At Things British

The Queens Diamond Jubilee has me thinking of things that are British.  I would love to go to a car boot sale or open market for antiques in England.  To see that much history in one spot.  There will be a few things in this blog I've put in before mixed in with new stuff.

This collage of the Queen is a picture of a tea towel from the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, A paperweight of the Queen that I have in my collection and a red tin put out by OXO to celebrate Queen Elizabeth 2nd's Coronation.

This bowl was my grandmothers and always kept in a cabinet.  It was only recently I realized it was a piece of Spode it's called Spode's Jewel and it's made in England.

This plate is a piece of Carlton Ware which was made in England.

This collage has a platter that is Creampetal made by Grindley which was made in England.  The salt and pepper shakers are Blue Nordic by J and G Meakin made in England.  The book on Clarice Cliff who was an industrial artist in the potteries of England from 1922 to 1963 is a good introduction to her work.  I love her way out there designs.
Clarice Cliff For Collectors
By Greg Slater
First published in the United Kingdom in 2009
By Thames & Hudson Ltd.

The British Bulldog with his Union Jack flag is a Royal Doulton piece this is a family piece that my mom still has and it will go to my sister.

The powder compact is by Melissa and made in England.

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