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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Crazy About Glass & More

I can't believe the beautiful weather we have been having here in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia everything is coming out early this year.  This lovely cherry blossom tree is outside a window I can look out at, at work and I took this picture this past week.  There's a beautiful blue sky in the background of the picture. 
I've been so busy with home reno's but I took an hour to hit a local second hand store this week for a bit of a break.

I love glass so these finds are always great when I find them the blue glass jar was what I found on my outing to the second hand store this past week.  The blue paperweight is something I've shared before but have added to share again plus it fits into this collage so well.  The lamps my husband found at the local flea market this week.

This Connie Francis record I also found on my outing to the second hand store.  On the back is a ad for Silvikrin Shampoo which I've never seen before on a record except on some Christmas records.  I like Connie Francis some songs by her like Where The Boys Are, Lipstick On Your Collar and Stupid Cupid are just a few songs she recorded.  I can remember watching some of her movies like Where The Boys Are, Follow The Boys and When Boys Meet The Girls which also had Herman's Hermits, Louis Armstrong, Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs and Liberace in it.  There's so many old movies I remember watching as a kid and these are a few with her in them.

These garden features are from Van Dusen gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia I may have shared them before but have decided to use them again since gardening season seems to be starting here. 

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Sunny Day Events & Past Finds

Well the husband and I have a week off this week we are painting our kitchen and bathroom.  I hate painting so thank goodness one of my friends and her daughter are coming over to help.  Painting has never been my thing and if left on my own it will take forever.

I've always liked glass even as a child I would look for glass on the beach.  These vases are a group I've removed from my collection in the thinning out process. 

The shoes look like if you put them on that you're ready to hit the disco I saw them awhile back at a Salvation Army thrift store I did not buy them but took this picture to show my niece.
The Paris France keychain I bought about two months ago but just found when packing up boxes.
The metal moulds are the same ones I use to make a metal Christmas tree in my Kitchen. Instead of stacking them on top of each other to make a tree instead I stacked them inside of each other to make it look like a flower.
This Snoopy candle was a late fall find and needed to make an appearance in one of my posts so here he is.

The weather we've been having here in the lower mainland this month makes me think these flowers and plant should be outside when I go out there.  Of course they're not so I'm sharing these pictures from last year with wishful thoughts.

      From The Family Collection:

These are family pictures from both my husbands family and my family we each know who the people are in one picture each in this grouping.  I picked these pictures because they're of outdoor activities that happen in nice weather.

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