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Sunday, 27 December 2015

A New Year Almost Here

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had the family here on Christmas Eve and a good time. I've had a stuffed up nose but no other cold symptoms and on Christmas day I slept the day away.

This morning we've had snow and rain coming down leaving the roads looking like a slurpie was dropped all over. They had a weather warning out last night in our area for freezing rain but that did not happen which I'm quite glad about.  

I guess 2015 is trying to go out with a winter blast. 
I hope you and your family all have a wonderful year in 2016.

I found this Peak Frean cookie tin at my favorite second hand store awhile back I thought the graphics were quite nice.

The air plant in the picture above was a Christmas present for my friend who has a record of killing indoors plants this may be the perfect indoor plant for her. I found the mister at a second hand store which she can keep with the plant on her kitchen windowsill.

This necklace is a piece of costume jewelry made by Sherman that my husband gave me for Christmas this year.

 Husband Story

For the five years my husband and I have been together, for three different years I have taken him to The Bay and pointed out Issey Miyake L'EAU D'ISSEY perfume, my favorite.  So at the end of November this year I once again took him to The Bay but this time I bought the body lotion and he says to me that I shouldn't be buying things like that before Christmas.  

I then mention to him that in past years he hasn't taken the hint.

A week before Christmas I saw a Bay bag on a stool in our family room and went to put it in the recycling but it had the perfume I wanted in it. I guarded it for 2 days since it was on a stool the cats like to be on, then on Monday I mention to him I was glad he got it for me but the stool was not a good place to keep it since I didn't want it to get knocked off and broken. 

He then accused me of snooping and threatened to take it back. I then said to him do you want money to buy a gift on ebay or a gift card for Fred's Tackle, he picked money and I said now we're even you know one of your gifts.  Maybe now he might think about his habit of leaving everything laying around (Lol). I got my perfume.

I also got this book on Marbles from him too and a few weeks back he brought home the glass rolling pin with allies in it for me.  I'm always asking him information on marbles which he doesn't know anything about so I guess he thought the book would be a good Christmas gift which it is.

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