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Monday, 2 July 2012

Flowers, Glass and Tin

This is a mix of finds and some flowers from my yard.

  • The yellow and orange flowers are Zinnias from my planters they make me think of sunshine with the rainy weather we've been having in British Columbia this year.
  • These Pyrex dishes are stackable refrigerator dishes in Olive green, avocado green and yellow found in Kamloops, British Columbia.
  •  I'm not a smoker but I've always liked the woman in tartan on the Export 'A' cigarette containers so when I saw it I got it. I've repurposed it for holding things in my purse.
  • This paperweight with it's swirling colors caught my eye at the flea market.
  • This glass container with the black and white stripes is actually a ice cube holder.  Originally this ice container came with matching glasses.  I think it will make a great holder for munchies on the table during a party.


  1. Great pyrex pieces. Amazing colour co-ordination

  2. Love looking at all your treasures! Thanks for sharing.



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