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Monday, 10 March 2014

2nd My Finds / His Finds

My fiancé is always wanting me to post his fishing finds which is how I came up with My Finds / His Finds.  I think someone needs his own blog.

My Finds

I found this small vintage tablecloth which would fit on something the size of a end table.  The colors and design said buy me.

This is one of the larger bowls in the Vintage Tulip pattern of the Fire King bowl set.

I love these recipe cards and sometimes I wish it could be my motto.

The bag on the mannequin has actually been in my basement hanging on a beam holding the mounting clips for our outdoor Christmas lights.

Doesn't this bird tin make you think of Spring?  It says Made In England on the bottom.

This paperweight reminds me of water on the bottom a planet in the middle and snow above.

This is my blog so I get to put in more finds that's just how it goes.

His Finds

A couple of weeks ago we went to a garage sale while snow was falling (this was a first for me).  He found these two vintage fishing creels and he and the seller came to a agreed price. 

Hardy Sunbeam 10 wt. fly reel for Salmon fly fishing.  Made in England.

Hardy Silex centre pin reel from early 60's used for Steelhead fishing.  Made in England.
These two reels are his prized reels I happen to like the ones with the Celtic designs I shared before and I'm again showing you below.

He went to a garage sale last week and bought me a bag of broken costume jewelry because this Coro Necklace was in it and still intact.  He got the bag for $2.00, he did okay.  I also have a use for the broken jewelry it was a win win all around for me.

Wedding Nightmares

I had my first nightmare about the wedding the other night about of all things cutlery. 
Cutlery really, where did that come from?  What would Freud say?  Oh well I'm just going to go with the flow.   

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  1. You both share good taste. I loved seeing all your goodies. It appears your tablecloth is on an old sewing machine. I have a lovely desk made with one.

  2. Love the her finds/his finds, really funny...somebody needs his own blog!

    Lovely finds, someday I hope to find that tulip bowl. Gorgeous paperweight.

    I would have been jumping up and down over that necklace in a $2 bag. He did great!

  3. Very cute post. I love shopping for Vintage. My Cowboy of many years would love 'His' finds. Cute post.
    Love the tablecloth too. The necklace is great!
    I posted a little blue come by and see me.

  4. I love all your finds, I guess I'd buy all as well. The pinup sayings are the best, seriously, esp. because I'm terrible housewife so they apply to me 100%. The tablecloth is lovelyyyyy. Ok, his finds aren't that interesting hahah

  5. that necklace is beautiful! I found a blue bling-y one just recently at a consignment shop. and I wear it! nice visiting you.

  6. THe tulip fire king bowl is so cute! I love that pattern, and I love the little vintage tablecloth, too. So cute!

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
    Ricki Jill

  7. Great tablecloth, and I can't get over the Tulips bowl! I only ever see those in antique stores and for big money! I have to say his fishing baskets are awesome. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

  8. color and design said BUY ME oh dear I HEAR that!! : )


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