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Monday, 15 July 2013

A Look At My Mid Modern Buys

The following items are mid century modern items I've added to our home.

I won this room divider in a silent auction at the MCC it was me and another bidder who really wanted it I was lucky and got to bring it home.  Of course Like so many times my tap out amount is never the real amount I only went over by $20.00 this time.  All but the orange, yellow and green vase are made in West Germany.  The white light shade did not come with it I found it on Saturday at a garage sale.

A friend of mine found this Poole vase which was made in England at a garage sale and thought I would like it she was right.

All these pieces of pottery in the above picture were made in California in the United States.

My boyfriend found these Dansk fondue pots at Value Village but there were no stands, the price was good and we couldn't bring ourselves to leave them behind.

These snapdragons add some color under my kitchen window.


  1. Good Evening Denise, I am so pleased you managed to get the room divider as it does look lovely. Yes the Poole vase is English and some are worth a lot of money.... my daughter lives in Poole, Dorset, it is a beautiful county.
    I smiled when I saw your Dansk Fondue pots, do you know I had a set of these in the 1970's. We were living in Germany at the time and Fondue parties were so popular. We used to go to a place in Gutersloh which was a huge converted barn, which had large tables for us to sit at. I remember the first time I experienced a fondue, when the food arrived, I thought, this will never be enough, but do you know it was and it was fun.
    Thank you for reminding me of this fun time.
    Best Wishes

  2. You are a wise collector and always seem to get some good buys.

    Share with me: how do you put your label on your photos?

    Happy Blue Monday, Denise.

  3. What a cool room divider!! Love the pretty snapdragons!! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. I love that orange and blue pot---very pretty.

  5. You have good taste in your buys. I try hard to not purchase even if I like it. I have too much stuff now.

  6. Holy cow, I want that divider!

  7. Your divider is great. It wouldn't last in my house with the boys and Joe...not to mention the occasional visit from my mother's dog, Sally. Those vases would be broken in no time at all. But it looks so nice the way you have it set up.

  8. Fantastic finds! Oh my - love the vases and the Dansk, BUT the room divider is to die for! I would have gone way, way over my budget for that. Congrats to you! :) Pam

  9. Lovely finds, adore your Dansk!

    Happy Rednesday!

  10. Gorgeous vase, just love it!

  11. Just saw that I wasn't a follower, but I fixed that right away!


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