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Monday, 17 March 2014

It's All About The Green

It's March 17th and St. Patrick's day is here, it seems weird since a few weeks ago we had snow here in British Columbia.  I was reading the other day in one of the blogs I follow though I can't remember which one that when you say the luck of the Irish your not meaning good luck but bad luck which is what I've been having at the second hand stores this past week.  I was bidding on a Sherman brooch in green and amber rhinestones which would have fitted in this post but the bidding went over my budget.  So this post is all about the green.

Back To The Hoosier For St. Patrick's Day

The Hoosier is holding green items Pyrex, Fire King, Glass and etc.

Whenever I see these dish towels with different countries names on them I think about people travelling and bringing them back for family and friends.

The Fire King mug  on the top left and right side is the same mug each side has a different saying.
The middle picture is a mid century modern tea set by Arklow made in the Republic of Ireland the pattern is Rhythm by Pat McEtheron.
The horses are made of green plastic and quite well made.

Top Row:
Left to Right
Green Enamel Brooch, Sprite Bottle, Elves
Middle Row:
Custard Bowls, Brooch, Paperweight
Bottom Row:
Moss on Brick, Lamp Body Of A Broken Lamp, 3 Small Green Bowls

The first picture is set up to try and look like a parlour.
The green bottle is by McGuinness and Co. Ltd. Made in Canada
The top picture on the right is green buttons my fiancé found at a garage sale.
The bottom picture is a figurine from the house that pops up in pictures around the yard.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.


  1. All that green is beautiful!!

  2. What a beautiful display, so perfect for today! Love your pixies, they are adorable. Oh, enamel pins are my favs, yours is so pretty. Even tea towels! Wow, lots of eye candy here. Happy St Patricks day!

  3. Hi Denise,

    I'm glad that you were able to find a bit O' blue today. Thanks for sharing your green too.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Gorgeous green collection :)

  5. What a great collection of green glass. I have a little of that, but most of my glass is blue, and some iridescent amber as well. Happy St. Patrick's Day, late.

  6. So much pretty green! I think my favorites are the dish towels and the Fire King mugs!


  7. The hoosier looks AMAZING I love all the great pieces centered around greens--so lovely!

  8. Cute stuffs!
    Came from BM :)


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