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Sunday 26 July 2015

Blue, Blue And More Blue

I can not believe how many blue items I have found in the last two weeks since my last post.  Everywhere I turned blue was the color I saw and brought home.  It's a good thing blue is one of my favorite colors.  Well I hope you all like the color blue since this post is all about blue.
I found these three pieces of art glass in a day of each other for a price that amazed me and made me very happy.  Two of the pieces are marked Chalet Canada and the other is unsigned.  The piece on the stand that looks like a raindrop has fallen hit the ground and splashed up is one I already have but this one is a bit smaller in size.  Glass has always been something I've collected it started with collecting pieces that washed up on the beach at my grandparents cabin.  And grew from there.

The paperweights are not from my last two weeks of hitting the second hand stores but some more of the ones I received last month.  These are all signed Skookum which are pieces from Robert Held Studio.  I have some other pieces by  him and when on our honeymoon last October we stopped at his studio in Parksville and I picked up two pieces with some of the money we received for wedding gifts.  If you are ever in Parksville on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and like glass I would recommend it as somewhere to stop.

Blue Mountain Pottery is another one of the things I like to collect and was happy to find this piece a few days ago to add to my collection.  This Canadian based company is no longer in business and quite a bit of their product is out there.  I collect pieces I don't see very often which helps me from filling my house up with a lot of pottery.

From The Kitchen

This Pyrex bowl and casserole dish was a nice find in the Colonial Mist pattern.
The blue metal mug holder is one I've never seen before and now holds my blue Fire King mugs.
I picked up three of the plates shown made in England at the Staffordshire Potteries Ltd.
The Canuck mug brings back childhood memories the logo shown on the mug was the uniform logo I remember seeing on their uniforms when honkey night in Canada was on as a kid.  When we were at my mothers parents place when a game was on I was allowed to hear the theme song that was really the only part I liked then I was banned to the kitchen.  I'm guessing this was so I wouldn't nag my grandfather to put on a show I would like.

I collect Celtic jewelry and added this brooch to my collection this past week.  I have one just like this piece with red stones but it's not a brooch but a clip for scarfs to wear around your neck and hold it in place.

This scarf caught my eye and I decided to bring it home.

Do you have songs that all you have to do is hear them and they transport you back to somewhere in your memories. "Crystal Blue Persuasion" when I hear it by Tommy James And The Shondells sends me back to the early 1970's me and my sister were being babysat by the neighbors teenage kids and we spent the day in their backyard surrounded by all their friends who set up a kid's pool for us maybe the song was playing on the radio. 

These pictures are from the husband side they are of his grandfathers beach vacations.  You would not believe how many pictures we have of him in bathing suits.  The funny thing is my husband won't even wear a pair of shorts.
Thanks for taking the time to drop by.


  1. The pieces of art glass you found this week, Denise, are so unusual and beautiful. I'd love to have some like that.

  2. Hi Denise,

    I have an almost identical piece like your blue art on the left. Mine is not footed and it is chipped! But I love it so much that I keep it on my dresser!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Want to share it. It is so beautiful! Back tracked your blues. I love them.

    I have my blues on my blog for Monday. Love a comment back. Thanks.

  4. You finds some beautiful treasures! Have a great week. Love that vintage photo ;)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  5. The 3 art glass pieces are gorgeous. Enjoyed your photos!

  6. So many gorgeous blue pieces - the raindrop one is especially unique and beautiful. Love the scarf and the brooch too :-)

  7. I have always loved the colour blue, and you sure found some gorgeous pieces in that colour. You motivated me to find "Crystal Persuasion" on you tube. Such happy lyrics! Loved the memory snippets you shared with us as well (like the hockey game story).

  8. I am loving your blues, Denise :) And of course you know I adore the old photos you share. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  9. What great finds! Thanks for sharing at the Say G'day Party! Pinned and look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  10. Hi Denise, I have 2 blue glass pieces (one with the Giovanni sticker you describe) that I would like to sell. They were gifted to me by an old neighbour who has since passed away. We are downsizing and I have no room for them. Where do suggest I try selling them ? We live near Vancouver. Thank you.


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