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Friday, 2 March 2012

I Love Lucy Postcard

As soon as I saw the I Love Lucy postcard at the secondhand store I had to put it in my basket.  I can remember watching the show in reruns as a child and it brought back many memories. This postcard is from the 5th season of the I Love Lucy show when they go on their European vacation 1955 - 1956.

The episode was #145 titled "Paris At Last" with Maurice Marsac as the waiter, it was originally broadcasted February 27, 1956.

Had to have it.

My all time favorite performance by Lucille Ball was when she starred in the movie Yours, Mine And Ours a 1968 movie with Henry Fonda.  I love that movie, I've had it in VHS and now DVD.

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  1. I adore this movie! How'd you feel about the remake? While I have a soft spot for all things Coast Guard (married a Coastie myself!) I just couldn't get into the new one.


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