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Friday, 23 March 2012

Blue Mountain Pottery

A Short History
Blue Mountain Pottery started in 1947 and was Canada's largest manufacturer of quality giftware.  It was located in Collingwood, Ontario.  The rich red clay used, the way it was moulded and the glazing technique call "Reflowing Decorating" is what made it unique.  The pottery came in many colors.
Sadly their doors closed in 2004.

My Memories Of Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Pottery is something my grandmother had a collection of, I remember seeing at her house.  The blue color was always my favorite.
In the 1970's my family went on vacation to Barkerville a historic town in British Columbia and in the saloon my root beer came in a mug that looked like it could be Blue Mountain.

Is It Or Isn't It Blue Mountain

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