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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Crazy About Glass & More

I can't believe the beautiful weather we have been having here in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia everything is coming out early this year.  This lovely cherry blossom tree is outside a window I can look out at, at work and I took this picture this past week.  There's a beautiful blue sky in the background of the picture. 
I've been so busy with home reno's but I took an hour to hit a local second hand store this week for a bit of a break.

I love glass so these finds are always great when I find them the blue glass jar was what I found on my outing to the second hand store this past week.  The blue paperweight is something I've shared before but have added to share again plus it fits into this collage so well.  The lamps my husband found at the local flea market this week.

This Connie Francis record I also found on my outing to the second hand store.  On the back is a ad for Silvikrin Shampoo which I've never seen before on a record except on some Christmas records.  I like Connie Francis some songs by her like Where The Boys Are, Lipstick On Your Collar and Stupid Cupid are just a few songs she recorded.  I can remember watching some of her movies like Where The Boys Are, Follow The Boys and When Boys Meet The Girls which also had Herman's Hermits, Louis Armstrong, Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs and Liberace in it.  There's so many old movies I remember watching as a kid and these are a few with her in them.

These garden features are from Van Dusen gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia I may have shared them before but have decided to use them again since gardening season seems to be starting here. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
Have a lovely week.


  1. Wow, love your finds. The lamps are fabulous! Absolutely gorgeous cherry blossoms. Would love to see in person, so beautiful!

  2. Love all your finds. I don't think Connie Francis was ever the same after the rape...she was a beautiful girl and could sing so so good.

  3. Oh cherry blossoms and wonderful finds...a perfect combo.

  4. Hi Denise,

    I've always loved Connie Francis, and, of course, blue glass!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. I like the blue glass jar and the Van Dusen gardens which I've heard are wonderful.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Denise.

  6. Always love seeing what you find. The blue bottle is super cute. We have had gorgeous weather here lately as well. Getting a little rain today and boy do we need it! My weeping snow fountain cherry is putting on a show.

  7. Nice selection of blues! I love seeing that Connie Francis lp! I often see lots of old lps in the thrift stores. I think my sister still has a turntable! Love those cherry blossoms too! A nice sign that Spring will arrive everywhere, hopefully, soon. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I've always wanted to find one of those glass jars - lucky you!

  9. Some lovely blue glass there, my daughter collects blue glass too. It is very pretty.


  10. Love the blue glass, but the great find has to be the MCM lamps with the shades.

  11. Love all the blue glass ... the lamps are exceptional. Would love to see the cherry trees in bloom. So beautiful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Good morning, dear Denise! Thanks so much for linking up with Roses of Inspiration. I always enjoy seeing your delightful finds :) I love the blue glass!

    Hugs and blessings!

  13. Denise, The cherry blossoms are wonderful. We still have snow here in Edmonton. I like your blue glass collage especially the paperweight. Sylvia

  14. I've been buying records too! Since I still have a turntable, we play them and dance around! Thanks for coming to Let 's Talk Vintage!"

  15. Enjoyed seeing things from the past as well as present. Nicely done.


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