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Monday 3 February 2014

His Finds / My Finds

The fiancé and I have not made it to the second hand stores very much this past week.  I'm posting some of his finds and mine in the last few months.

His Fines

This paperweight he found but is my gain as it was one of my Christmas gifts.

He found this mid modern coffee set at the flea market.

The mailman has been dropping by this week with the fiancés ebay buys, these two enamelled fly fishing reels are from Ireland.  I think these would look good in shadow boxes but I don't think he would agree with me.

My Finds

This wooden candle holder I found at a local second hand store.

I have quite a few of these wooden trivets I can remember my mom having them in the 1970's.

This Helleborus  also known as a Christmas Rose I took this picture in a friend's garden.

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  1. Hi Denise,

    You must have been in a big hurry this morning, because you forgot to link in. (At least, you left me a comment so I knew you had a Blue Monday wannabe link!)

    As soon as I leave this comment, I'll fix it.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  2. Great finds! I have a puzzle like your trivets. What does the underside look like?

  3. This coffee set is so retro and so amazing, even the coffee tastes better in those beautiful mugs. Pyrex is always welcome and what a great vintage Gift you got ^_^
    My vintage finds of the week:

  4. One thing for sure, you fellow has good taste.

  5. Gorgeous finds as always, Denise. I seriously thought the fishing reels were sculpture or maybe ornate clocks when I first saw them - ha! I LOVE that teal paperweight. So beautiful.

  6. Well, of course I love the Pyrex, no brainer, right? But that coffee set? Wow! That's a great set, what cool style it has. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It

  7. Great finds--especially the fishing reels; they are gorgeous. I'm stopping by via We Call It Junkin'. Blessings, Diana

  8. All your finds are wonderful. Love the fishing reels, so interesting! The trivets are fun and always love Pyrex. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  9. Those Re some fun finds, and I love that paperweight. The color is gorgeous! My dad used to. Oldest these, and I have a few of his.

    Dropping by for Thrifty Things Friday!



  10. Wonderful the Pyrex.

  11. Great thrifted treasures Denise! I shared this post on TTG FB page today!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your finds on Twirl & Take a Bow this past week!!!

    - Brooke -


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