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Monday 20 January 2014

A Little Tartan And Finds

January 25th is Robbie Burns day so I thought I would go with a Scottish theme in this post.  I've always liked tartan fabrics I don't know if it has anything to do with my mom dressing me in kilts all the time when I was a child.  You would have thought the family was originally from Scotland then England if you had seen my closet as a child.

Robbie Burns is regarded as one of Scotland's most well known poets .  He was born on January 25, 1759 and died July 21, 1796.

All the above pieces of jewelry are Scottish pieces all have a thistle as part of the design.

The above pictures are the shelves in my Hoosier that I decorated for Robbie Burns day.

This magazine is from June 17, 1960 it's The Sunday Sun Weekend Magazine.

This picture is of different tartan fabrics and a book on tartans.

Some vintage canning jars with some old buttons my fiancé found last year at a garage sale.

I managed to scoop this divided Pyrex dish with the Constellation pattern minus the lid when it came out in the bin at the second hand store.

At work there's a few of us who like or collect vintage items. I borrowed this vintage wedding dress to show you all from one of my fellow collectors.  This dress is very fragile with layers of lace.

Wedding Update:

On Saturday I started my active search for a dress this could take awhile.
I told my fiancé to come up with an idea for the wedding he said serve food, he's so helpful.

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  1. Looks like we both like our plaid!!!!

  2. Thank you for linking up to One More Time Events…

  3. Great post and finds. We used to have a tin picnic basket like that one. Wish we would have kept it.

  4. Hello Denise,

    Your fiance is right on target with wedding plans to serve food. That's my kind of wedding too!

    Love your blues.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  5. I had a little chuckle to myself when I came to visit because my name is Denise and I'm living in Scotland now.
    Although I haven't collected much tartan yet...but my hubby is doing well with his Whiskey collecting ;D
    That vintage wedding dress is quite exquisite.
    Thank you for sharing your collection and photos.
    Happy Blue Monday to you!

  6. Serve food in Pyrex. Wear tartan and lace. Don't sweat the wedding. Enjoy it.

  7. Hi, Denise. It's nice to "meet" you :). I stopped by because it just so happens that my post this week is also about Tartan, and I'm so glad I did. You have a wonderful collection! I love your Madame Alexander dolls--so cute. I had a favorite kilt in high school and it still bugs me that I don't know what happened to it! I loved it! I've always loved plaids!
    Thanks for a fun post. ~Zuni

  8. Great stuff! The plaid thermos is really nice. I love green so that is what really caught my eye. Have a great week!

  9. Great post! Lots of eye candy here. I have no Scottish ancestry either, but love my kilts in high school, lol. I have a thistle tablecloth, should probably do a table setting using it for Robbie Burns day. I can't be within whiffing distance of that incredibly good shortbread or I have no control....really.

    Thanks for sharing all the plaids! :) Pam

  10. Love all your tartan!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Hi from Scotland - love all your tartan bits and pieces.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Have a scottish themed wedding! Wear a tartan scarf and a cairngorm brooch over your dress. Put your new hubby in a kilt and black jacket. Dance the "Gay Gordon' and reels. I went to a wonderful Burns night last year and had a blast - I can't go this year and I'm so sad I could almost cry.

  13. I'm a tartan fan and enjoyed seeing all your tartans. Thanks for reminding me that the 25th is Robert Burns birthday. I may have to post a tribute. '-)

  14. I like Constellation. I found mine lidless too.

    LOL, love your guys wedding suggestion. & have fun with the dress search. My friend just found hers. Marriage is in the air.

  15. Love that Christmas promotional bowl! I never see that pattern here.
    Oddly, a friend of mine is in Scotland right now, tending to her mom and stepdad. P.S. She's going to try driving. Yow!

  16. Oh my, I really enjoyed this. We are Scotch-Irish or so they said. Love the tartan and those dolls are wonderful along with the pyrex find that is a gem. I think I still have my jar of old buttons from my Mom, I have to look. Thank you for linking up with us on Meet The Neighbors today.

  17. I love all the treasures in your Hoosier for Robbie Burns Day!

  18. Thanks for the great history on Robbie Burns, I'd not heard of this before. Love all your wonderful vignettes! You have the Pyrex Christmas bowl I recently passed up (too pricey). Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party this week. -Dawn @ We Call It

  19. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Stonehenge post! I love tartan stuff! I didn't post it but at the Stonehenge gift shop I bought myself and my mother an English tartan wool throw. I love it!

  20. I absolutely love tartan and have quite a few tins. Thanks for sharing your collection!


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