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Monday, 6 August 2012

A Day Of Travel

This past Wednesday my boyfriend and I got into our car and started on a one day road trip.  We got onto the Trans Canada and  then onto highway #3 heading heading towards Osoyoos, British Columbia.  We were heading out to go through the second hand and antique stores in the Okanogan.  The following pictures are of my finds from the trip.

Finds From Left to Right:
- This black glass vase with a white accent I found at the West Hedley Mall in Hedley, B.C.
- This glass bowl with blue leafs on it was found in an antique store in Keremeos, B.C.
- This green 1950's elf was found in an antique store in Okanagon Falls, B.C.
- This Fire King mug called I believe Flower Power found in a thrift store in Oliver, B.C.

Road Trip From Left To Right:
- Highway #3 road sign.
- Road sign where we are heading.
- Nature scene in Manning Park, B.C.
- Deer road sign.

- Sunflower
- West Hedley Mall Hedley, B.C.  A must stop for us when were in Hedley.
- Rusty Wooden stove at West Hedley Mall.
- A sign about "Gold In Nickle Plate" at the museum in Hedley, B.C.

- Sheep warning sign along the road.
- Sign as we we were entering Oliver, B.C.
- Wine grapes Oliver, B.C.
- A chair that we saw along the road advertising Osoyoos, B.C.

- Local fruit from Keremeos, British Columbia.

The Coca - Cola ad at the top of the page is from a National Geographic Magazine


  1. Thanks for the West Hedley Mall info. Looks like a great place to stop and shop. Good finds.

  2. Great pictures


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